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HawkEye, NorChill and the Sailfish Smackdown

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HawkEye and NorChill were associate sponsors of the fourth annual Sailfish Smackdown February 18th and 19th, 2017 in Pompano Beach.

This two-day event is the nation’s only Kayak billfish tournament and drew people to compete from across the US and upwards of 150 anglers!

The popular Summer Slam series is scheduled for June 3rd and August 12th, 2017 in Pompano Beach and 150-200 anglers per event along with 100+ paddle board racers, and around 50 cross fit competitors on the beach! Get more info here

Best Ways to Mount Fish Finders On Canoes, Kayaks, and Boats

When discussing our line of fish finders with potential customers and dealers I am often asked: “What makes these FishTrax units better than what is currently out in the market today?” The answer is very simple--versatility. This article is meant to help you understand the many ways this line of fish finders can be adapted to [...]

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4 Key Steps to Successfully Transom Mounting a Fish Finder or Depth Sounder Transducer

I wanted to take the time to go over the method of transom mounting a transducer properly. Taking the time to research and plan how and where you are going to mount the transducer on you new depth sounder or fish finder will pay dividends out on the water. A properly mounted transducer will perform well underway and while trolling, [...]

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How to Tune Sonar Sensitivity for a Hawkeye FishTrax Fish Finder

A lot of people have asked us to provide more information about the sensitivity settings for our  FishTrax Fish finders. Most of the calls our technicians receive are regarding incorrect fish readings, meaning the display is showing what looks like fish but nothing is biting the hook! Ninety-nine percent of the time we find out the sensitivity is set to [...]

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What I Learned About Legacy When Fishing on a Tennessee River

I was king of the river, all the freedom an 8-year-old boy could ever dream of at the wheel of Pop’s pontoon boat chugging down the Emory river to our favorite fishing hole. It didn’t matter if it was bream or bucket mouths biting at the end of the line it was exactly where I wanted [...]

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Late Ice, Little Tigers

Late Ice, Little TigersContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com Late winter brings about opportunities. Certain species begin lining up like 2-for1 day at "Old Country Buffet." Yellow perch, in particular, become extremely active during the final weeks of the ice season.  Some real monster perch get stuck this time of the year, and Im not talking the thumbs [...]

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The Hazards of Boating: Fire on Boats

Content provided by Tom Neale Fire on boats has always terrified seamen. But in recent years, with more safety equipment and rescue assets available, there seems to have been less thought about it. Here are some reasons why it's just as serious as ever and why, arguably, we may have more to fear from boat fires [...]

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Four Tips for Buying a Used Boat Trailer

Content Provided by  Boat USAs the boating season ends in the northern climates, some boaters may be looking to find a trailer to store the boat for the winter. If you’re looking to buy a used boat trailer now or planning on buying a boat that comes with a used trailer, Boat Owners Association of The [...]

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Tale of the gale: fishing in a storm

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyDropping right out all the time, announces a familiar voice from above and behind me. The captain squints into the gathering breeze at a traffic jam of small scud clouds that have been piling up for several hours along the horizon to our southwest. Oh, yeah… droppin’ right out, he mutters again, [...]

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Kayaking - A New Frontier In Sport Fishing

Kayaking - A New Frontier In Sport FishingContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com Gliding across calm waters in silence gave me the opportunity to smell, touch, and feel the pleasures of nature in its most intimate form. The air was clean and pure, the water cool and alive to the touch with the sights and sounds of [...]

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