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Recertified FishTrax™ 1C

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  • Color Fish Finder
  • color kayak fish finder
  • fish finder and transducer
  • color hd fish finder
  • Trandsucer
  • transom mount transducer
  • suction cup with fish finder
  • Data Mode
  • Fish Finder Mode
  • Ice-Mode Digital Flasher Portrayal
  • Dual Frequency
  • FishTrax™ FishTarget
  • FishTrax™ Sensitivity
  • Side Scan adapter
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Dash Mount
  • Fish Finder Case
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Product Description

FishTrax™ 1C is a HD color display fish finder perfect for experienced anglers who demand a high-definition fishing experience. The FishTrax™ 1C has a dual-frequency FishTrax™ Intelligent sonar that allows you to have precise readings up to 240 feet in 1/10th precision. The FishTrax™ 1C also has a built in Ice-Mode Digital Flasher that enables you to fine tune your display. It has a 100-level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto-zoom bottom tracking that intensifies prey targeting. There are two operating frequencies (200 kHz and 83 kHz) to fine tune sonar readings in shallow or deep water.

TO USE:  Toss the sonar sensor in the water (or place it inside the hull of your boat) and power the display on.  Instant depth, fish depth & location, and HD bottom landscape painting sonar data will be displayed on the VirtuView™ HD Color Display. 

INCLUDES: FishTrax™ 1C HD Color Display and Floatable, Trollable, Boat Mountable Transducer.


*This is a refurbished unit. Accessories sold separately

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Warranty Information

Backed by the HawkEye® Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty

Product Videos

FishTrax 1C Color Fish Finder (03:00)
The FishTrax™ 1C is for experienced anglers who demand a high-definition fishing experience. It incorporates a full-color, high-definition VirtuView™ TFTN display and has three operating modes: Fish Finder, Data, and Ice-Mode Digital Flasher. The Fish Finder mode identifies the presence of fish, bottom contour and composition, and the overall depth of the water on the HD color display. The Data Mode enlarges depth, temperature, and battery voltage readings so they are easy to read from several feet away. The Ice-Mode Digital Flasher gives you real time FishTrax™ sonar echoes like a traditional flasher, perfect for targeting suspended fish while ice fishing. The FishTrax 1X also incorporates user-selectable, dual-beam FishTrax™ Intelligent Sonar which allows fine tuning of the fish finder to adapt to any fishing style or platform. It has a 100-level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto-zoom bottom tracking. Integrated fish and depth alarms intensify prey targeting. It’s time to take control of your fishing adventures. Introducing the go anywhere, do anything HawkEye FishTrax fish finders. With all anglers in mind, HawkEye has packed these fish finders with the ultimate fish finding features. After one press of the power button they instantly deliver fish, bottom contour, bottom composition, water depth and water temperature readings. Each model incorporates a glare-free VirtuView™ display, a floatable, troll-able and boat-mountable transducer, and is powered by four triple-A batteries resulting in 30 hours of battery life. Integrated into a waterproof housing, the FishTrax series has set the standard for portability and versatility. Whether you fish from a boat, kayak, or canoe… from the shoreline, or on the ice, you’ll find a FishTrax fish finder that is perfectly adapted to your needs. Every FishTrax has built-In expandability that easily allows the addition of accessories to adapt to any fishing platform. From suction cup display brackets to kayak and boat transducer mounts and IceShack™ soft cases for ice fishing…expandability gives fishing enthusiasts unmatched versatility. FishTrax™ fish finders will go from kayak, to dock, to boat, and onto the ice in winter, without the use of costly tools or complicated hardware installations. Every FishTrax Fish Finder is backed by HawkEye’s industry-leading 2-year warranty. Try one today and experience the limitless versatility of HawkEye FishTrax fish finders.
  • FishTrax 1C Color Fish Finder
    The FishTrax™ 1C is for experienced anglers who demand a high-...

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