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Tale of the gale: fishing in a storm

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyDropping right out all the time, announces a familiar voice from above and behind me. The captain squints into the gathering breeze at a traffic jam of small scud clouds that have been piling up for several hours along the horizon to our southwest. Oh, yeah… droppin’ right out, he mutters again, [...]

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Kayaking - A New Frontier In Sport Fishing

Kayaking - A New Frontier In Sport FishingContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com Gliding across calm waters in silence gave me the opportunity to smell, touch, and feel the pleasures of nature in its most intimate form. The air was clean and pure, the water cool and alive to the touch with the sights and sounds of [...]

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Chasing the Schoolers in September

Chasing the Schoolers in SeptemberContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com September, can you believe it? Where has our year gone? Why it seems it was just yesterday that I was getting ready for spawning bass and now the fall fishing has just begun. September is the month that we get new license for the up coming year [...]

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HawkEye® FishTrax™ Fish Finders—A New Generation of Portability and Versatility

HawkEye® Electronics announces the newest addition to its family of boating and fishing electronics—the ultra-versatile FishTrax™ Fish Finder series. With all anglers in mind, HawkEye® has packed these units with the ultimate features. Whether you fish from a boat, kayak, canoe, shore or on ice, you’ll find a FishTrax™ product that is perfect for every [...]

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Tips About Parking Afloat

Content Provided by  Tom Neale1. If someone comes into harbor and anchors too close, try to discuss it with him by a dinghy visit so that you don’t have to yell across the water. Yelling, no matter how intended, is often interpreted as hostility or anger and you’re less likely to get good results.2. If you come into [...]

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Tuna time: trolling the edge of the Earth

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyAs you prepare for your maiden run to the edge, keep in mind that you can run up a whopping tab on fuel alone. You’ll also need seven or more 30- to 50-class stand-up rods, trolling gear, hooks, sinkers, leader material, gaffs, gimbal belts and a couple of kidney harnesses. You’ll need [...]

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Pondering a Canyon Run? Let's think it through

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyMaybe you’ve painted yourself into a corner, promising your nephews a shot at a fish thrice their combined weight. Maybe after a couple of months of hard scratching inshore, you need a change of venue. Maybe it’s something more universal: the pull of the seaward horizon, a primal need to clear the [...]

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Watch and learn: Know your commercial fishermen

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyI’ve always liked the saying that fishermen were the original conservationists — folks whose intimate connections to the lay of the stones, the reefs, the sands, the churn of advancing seas and tide give them a vested interest in the continued bounty of their home waters. Appropriately enough, it is often the sharpest [...]

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Death by Docking

Content Provided by  Tom NealeYou can usually tell when the dock master is paying attention by whether he notices the piling that you just knocked over floating away. The last time I knocked over a piling, he noticed. He was leaning on it.A piling floating away downstream from the pier that you have just tied onto [...]

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Content Provided by  Tom Neale When approaching a bridge always monitor the local bridge frequency on VHF, as well as channel 16. These change as you enter different states. For example, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia use channel 13, South Carolina and Florida use channel 09.Believe it or not, many boaters don’t even know which bridge they’re [...]

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