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Live bait: unfair advantage or labor-intensive art form?

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyAs Charley Soares noses the bow of his 18-foot skiff toward the edge of the boulder field, I glance quickly at the near-2-pound scup dangling from a treble at the working end of my line and brace my knees under the coaming in preparation for what I know will be an ugly [...]

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Boat Emergencies: What To Do When Something Happens Onboard

Content Provided by Tom NealeBoat Emergencies: What To Do When Something Happens OnboardPeople buy a boat to fulfill a dream. Usually that's what happens. But sometimes the dream can turn into a nightmare in the form of an emergency at sea. Here are a few tips for handling "stuff" when it hits the fan.Three Key PointsIn [...]

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5 tips from the pros to catch more fish

Content Provided by Gary ReichIf you’re like me, you rely on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see who among your friends and colleagues is catching all the fish. Keep up this intel-gathering activity with any regularity, and you’ll see patterns emerge.You’ll notice that one or two of your friends are showing off big fish with such [...]

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The collapse of cod: Will we fillet the last fish?

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyWe Americans have what we see as a long set of traditions — cultural, ecological and, of course, economic — with codfish. It was the codfish, after all, that drew European colonists to North America, and codfish that bankrolled the first waves of New World settlers, from Massachusetts to Newfoundland. A codfish, [...]

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All Mud Isn’t Created Equal

Content Provided by  Tom NealeI'm not a scientist (as is obvious, I am sure) but I've been testing anchors for almost 60 years in every kind of bottom, in hurricanes, in "storms of the century" and even in two tornadoes. Of those 60 years around 35 included anchoring out almost every night. And often I've gone [...]

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From the brine to the broiler: the right way to handle fish

Content Provided by  Zach Harvey Among the many reasons I take up the rod and reel, foremost could be the satisfaction of feeding myself, my family and friends the world-class protein I’ve harvested from the wild with my own hands. From my earliest fishing experiences, my dad always stressed the gratification — maybe it was something nearer [...]

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Seamanship and Anchoring

Content Provided by  Tom NealeI indicated in my last column here that there are at least three inherent problems with absolute anchor protocols. (1) Anchoring well requires old fashioned seamanship which, in my opinion, is far more complex than that which can be defined by any one protocol. (2) Anchoring is an art as well as [...]

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Show some love for the blues

Content Provided by  Zach HarveyI have hooked, fought, boated, beached, gaffed, unhooked, revived, released, bled, filleted, skinned, gutted, scaled, weighed, photographed, iced, toted, sorted, netted, stacked or otherwise handled a staggering number of bluefish. I’ve caught them one at a time and 100 at a time, from 4 inches to an honest 23 pounds, on most [...]

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The ICW From On High

Content Provided by  Tom NealeAnd I looked down from on high... Sounds like it's from the Bible, doesn't it. Actually I kind of felt like that, but not because I have an exalted image of myself (well, maybe a little). Mel, my wife, and I were in the top story of a very tall building in [...]

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How Old Is Too Old For A Boat

Content Provided by  Tom NealeMy current "Chez Nous" was launched in 1975. She's fiberglass. Some would say she's old. Let them. What do they know? She's tugging at her line ready to get underway as I write this. She's a Gulfstar 53' motorsailer.I had wanted to own her from the day they built her, but I [...]

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