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A Fly Weight Rod and Some Heavyweight Fish

Content Provided by  Zach Harvey As I brace my knees against the transom and adjust the “drop” between my rod tip and the little whip eel, I scrutinize the plot of water where it appears that a body of substantial bass or gorilla-sized blues has been erupting in the dim 3 a.m. calm. Experience has taught me that it’s [...]

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Waves Can Sink Boats Even When It’s Calm

Content Provided by  Tom NealePicture a good fishing day. You're trolling along the drop off, they're hitting and you're taking them in over the stern or quarter. The person at the helm has to play it just right, backing down to relieve line stress and to help getting that fish aboard. His goal is just that, [...]

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Science vs. gut instinct: how we learn to fish

Content Provided by Zach HarveyIf there is one recipe that reliably yields top-flight fishermen — in terms of basic human traits, talents, root skills — I’m reasonably certain that a hard-wired scientific bent is the key ingredient.Me? I’m a humanities guy. A creative type. A science guy might base his angling strategy on months and years [...]

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Are we headed for another bass crash?

Content Provided by Zach HarveyFive years ago, give or take, when the first rounds of known striper strongholds began to dry up in the Northeast — spots on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, the Elizabeths, Fishers Island, the Sluiceway in eastern Long Island Sound — most motivated stripermen knew the rumors about a diminished fishery but had [...]

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The beauty of boats that look and work as they should

Written by William SissonBoats should look like boats, and churches like churches.At their best, boats are an outward expression of an inner conversation about beauty and purpose (to paraphrase a furniture maker). A boat should make you want to run your hand along some part of it, and the right boat, as I have said [...]

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Why Boats Sink

10 Prevention Tips from BoatUSWhen a boat sinks, that’s likely the end of her. That’s because repairs on a sunken boat often cost more than the actual value of the boat. So if boaters want to prevent a sinking at all costs, what can they do? Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) recently took [...]

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Drift smarter to catch more fish

Content written by Zach HarveyOutside the charter fleet, where rigid schedules and the need to catch on command force captains to lean on high-percentage methods, you won’t find many anglers singing the praises of wire-line or downrigger slow-trolling. Nor will you encounter many casual anglers with a powerful urge to spend their free time monkeying around [...]

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Boaters: Do not Let July 4th Be Your Undoing

Content provided by BoatUSA long day on the water exposed to the elements combined with crowded waterways and alcohol consumption could be a recreational boater’s ultimate undoing this July 4th holiday weekend. “It’s mayhem,” said BoatUS Foundation President Chris Edmonston, “So pull out all the stops and make safety priority #1 to ensure you have [...]

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A Classic On Top

Content provided by SChaconasSeveral years ago, at a fishing expo, I passed a booth where a video showed a topwater plug I had used as a kid, but hadn’t seen in decades. I talked to the owner who was very enthusiastic about his single lure lineup! He handed me a couple and I packed them [...]

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Getting Nowhere Fast!

Content provided by Ron Anlauf There comes a time when you just have to stay put, especially if you’re trying to put a hurt on a boat full of walleyes, work a bedded bass, or maybe keep chucking a bait at a monster musky. In this fast paced world of run and gun techniques and chasing down [...]

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