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Boat Jobs

Content provided by Tom Neale If you’ve done a boat job, no matter what it is, you know the ugly truth. They NEVER go the way you expect them to. The Day that Mel got 3M 5200 in her hair wasn't a good day. Bad hair day, yes, but I'm not talking about bad hair days. I'm [...]

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No Time for Downtime

Content provided by Ron AnlaufThere is no fun to be had when equipment malfunctions or breaks down, especially when you’re trying to spend some quality time on your favorite body of water. It’s even worse when you’re miles from anywhere and there’s no immediate help available. Unfortunately it happens but a lot of the problems can [...]

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Line Up To Fish

Content provided by SChaconasIt's time. Time to go fishing! The weather says "yes" and you say, "Let’s go"! Grab the rods and head to the water. But before you do, respool! Nothing says, 'I'm not ready to fish' than line tightly coiled with winterized memory!Even though line isn't old, it will behave badly when left over the [...]

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D10D - D10DX Video Script

Hello, my name is Gabe and it’s time for another HawkEye Tech Tutorial! Today, I’m going to talk about our line of HawkEye Digital Depth Finders.Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® D10D D10DX Product VideoLet’s begin by unpacking and reviewing the contents of the packaging. In the box there should be a display, [...]

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Thru Hull Transducer Video Script

Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® Thru-Hull Transducer Video Hello, my name is Gabe and it’s time for another HawkEye Tech Tutorial! Today I’m going to demonstrate how to install a thru hull transducer. The thru hull transducer is suitable for outboards, inboard/outboards, single or dual inboard, or jet-drive propulsion. Hull dead rise angle below [...]

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Transom Mount Video Script

Today I’m going to demonstrate how to install a transom mount transducer.Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® Transom Mount Transducer Video The transom mount transducer is suitable for outboard, inboard/outboard, single inboard or jet-drive propelled vessels. The hull deadrise angle must be below 30° and the transom deadrise should be between 3 to 20°. If [...]

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Glue In Hull Video Script

It's time for another HawkEye Tech Tutorial! Today I’m going to demonstrate how to install a glue in transducer.Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® Glue In Transducer Video This transducer is suitable for vessels with the following hull types: High speed boats to increase the performance of the depth sounder. Trailer boats to prevent [...]

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Gator Specks of Rollover

Content provided by Ed Snyder / Ed Snyder Outdoors Just landing and releasing two nice speckled trout made my early morning fishing a plus factor with adrenalin rushes. On flipping out another cast and retrieve my awake was jolted with a sudden and violent "TIC" !! The explosion of water that followed showed a shaking head [...]

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Whiting- Kings of the Surf

Fishing reports advised the whiting were biting in the surf along Rollover’s beachfront, and with nothing much happening anywhere else, a trip was quickly planned for some hopefully active surf fishing action that would put a few whiting on the fish fry menu.Arriving on Rollover Pass beach the following morning, I was treated to an [...]

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Moving Out for January ’Eyes

Good ice came earlier this season than it has in recent memory and was welcome news for those chomping at the bit to get it all started. In the northern part of the State anglers were even out before Thanksgiving on the shallower lakes like Red and the walleye action was red hot. If there [...]

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