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The Birds Of Autumn

The Birds Of AutumnContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com Piercing bird cries and splashing alerted me to the melee! One minute I was casting sea-grass looking for a bite and the next I was at full throttle looking for a fight! A gaggle of shrieking, feeding seagulls diving over the salty expanses of Galveston’s East Bay was my [...]

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Make It A September To Remember

September is a transition month, when summer temperatures finally begin to give way to the coolness of fall. This break from the sauna sounds like great news, but it's a time when many bass fishing anglers struggle. The problem is that as bass leave deep-water summer haunts, they move around and become difficult to find. "Historically speaking, [...]

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HawkEye® Portable Hand Held Fish Finder Video Script

Click Here to Watch the HawkEye® Portable Hand Held Fish Finder VideoThanks for purchasing a HawkEye portable fish finder.   My name is Gabe, and I am the HawkEye advisor!  I am here today to demonstrate how to use and care for the Hawkeye F33P Portable Fish Finder!Let me begin by explaining how a fish finder [...]

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Red Hot Reservoir Walleyes

Red Hot Reservoir WalleyesContent Supplied By www.fishingworld.com, written by Ron AnlaufLate summer walleyes can be a tough nut to crack but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you’re willing to put a road trip to a big western reservoir like Sakakawea and Lake Oahe in North and South Dakota in your monthly [...]

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Angler Recognition Programs Enhance Pleasure

Anglers of all ages enjoy showing off their catch and recalling the memories. In fact, that’s pretty much been the case for all historical "ages" as well. For instance, Chinese anglers used bamboo rods, reels and silk lines in 3,000 B.C., and one can imagine their pride in a big catch. Egyptian art, from the [...]

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How to Properly Use a Depth Sounder or Fish Finder

Advances in bass fishing the past few years has been nothing short of astounding. The boats are bigger and faster, rods are more sensitive and lighter, troll motors have as much thrust as small outboards, and lures are more lifelike and effective than ever.The same is true with sonar in depth sounders and fish finders. [...]

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Poppin Cork Magic

EARLY is always better, especially when fishing in the summer months. I’ve just arrived at one of my favorite fishing spots on East Galveston Bay, where the salt-grass is alive with the mornings activity of bait-fish fleeing the maws of hungry fish. This morning I chose to use an olde standby method to my fishing [...]

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April Fishing Looking Great

April Fishing Looking Great Content Supplied By www.Fishingworld.com, written by Ricky Vandergriff Lake levels are almost back to normal and fishing is great. Lake Palestine is now only about 4 to 5 inches low and the surface temps are in the mid 60’s with the spring spawn up and running. Bass and Crappie are in the shallows and [...]

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An Angler's Guide To Preparing For Spring Ice Out

An Angler's Guide To Preparing For Spring Ice OutContent Supplied By www.discoverboating.com, written by Stephen HeadrickIf you are an angler living up north, you’ve probably spent the long winter ice fishing with your buddies. Nothing like the experience of cooking up a hearty meals and waiting to feel that tug on your jigging stick that [...]

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New Hand Held Depth Finder with Integrated LED Flashlight

March 28, 2013 Orlando FL - With the boating, fishing, and outdoor adventure season just around the corner, HawkEye® Marine Electronics reveals the ultimate boating and fishing accessory, the H22FX Hand Held Depth Finder with Integrated LED Flashlight. The H22FX is feature packed, hand held sonar system that with the flip of a switch produces [...]

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