DEPTHTRAX 1B | BoatMount Depth Finder

The DepthTrax® 1B includes white/black face plates and trim rings, allowing custom matching to most boat dash configurations. We even throw in a storage sun cover for good measure.

The DepthTrax® 1B comes standard with HawkEye’s exclusive high-speed, dual-mount transducer that can be transom mounted or glued inside most boat hulls.

MSRP: $99.99


Instant Depth Readings, Updated 4 Times Per Second...

The DepthTrax® Series 1 deliver a combination of performance and affordability unrilvaled in any other depth sounder. The foundation of the DepthTrax® Series 1 is our proprietary algorithmic programming, which significantly reduces false readings and produces unmatched precision. Depth readings are updated four times per second on the no glare, polarized LCD icon display.

EasyTouch Programming™ gives one-touch access to the user adjustable settings: ~ Keel offset adjustment automatically adjusts depth readings for a vessels’ draft requirements. ~ Dual upper and lower depth alarms can be set throughout the full depth range. ~ A 3-stage Advanced Warning System™ clearly signals an alarm condition with an audible alarm, an ultra bright red LED warning light and LCD alarm indicators. ~ One-touch alarm muting instantly turns off audible depth alarms. ~ User selectable feet or meter readout. ~ Automatic memory retention of all user settings. We’ve even incorporated a waterproof plug & play transducer connector and a waterproof fuse holder. Finally, we’ve perfected customization with our patented interchangeable face/bezel system.


Runabouts & Jet Boats



Our depth sounders leave you worry free. No more not knowing how shallow the water is when your reaching speeds up to 63 mph. With our boat mounted depth finders you can head out on the water without a care in the world. You will no longer over look the depth alarm, Hawkeye depth finders come with a 3 stage advanced warning system. That way you know how close you are to the depth settings you prefer.

Deck, Pontoon & House Boats



Our EasyTouch User Interface along with a Marine grade plug and play connectors make setting up your depth finder easy and fast. We want to help you get accurate depth readings whether you are looking for precise readings in meters or feet. Our Glare-Free Display with SoftGlow Backlighting helps you identify your readings even in the brightest time of the day. That way you can get quick readings without any hassles.

Bass Boats



We offer white and black face plates and trim rings to match a wide variety of helm stations. All of our depth finders include a color coded operation and installation manuals as well as a 24 hour online tech support center. Hawkeye depth finders also come with a 2 year warranty so no matter what happens you are covered.

Sail Boats



Hawkeye depth finders are perfect for your sail boat. Whether you are in 2.5 feet of water to 200 feet of water, our depth sounders are a great addition to your boat. We take pride in our marine products and even include instructional videos for our depth sounders. Keel Offset Automatically Adjusts Displayed Depth Readings for Vessel Draft Requirements. Whatever you are looking for in a depth finder our D10D is exactly what you need.

  • Algorithmic Programming Significantly Reduces False Readings and Produces Unmatched Precision

  • EasyTouch Programming™ Allows One-Touch Access to the User Adjustable Settings

  • User Programmable Keel Offset Automatically Adjusts Depth Readings for Vessels’ Draft Requirements

  • User Selectable Imperial or Metric Readout

  • Dual Upper and Lower Depth Alarms Can Be Set Throughout the Full Depth Range

  • 3-Stage Advanced Warning System™ Clearly Signals an Alarm Condition with an Audible Alarm, LED and LCD Indicators with One-Touch Alarm Muting

  • Automatic Memory Retention of All User Settings

  • Patented Removable Face System - Includes White & Black Face Plates and White/Black Trim Rings

  • No Glare, Polarized LCD Icon Display with Storage Sun Cover - Spot Free Viewing With or Without Sunglasses

  • Largest Display Available on an In-Dash Depth Sounder

  • SoftGlow™ Backlit Display and Programming Keys- Low Intensity, Low Temperature Lighting Prevents Eye Strain and Condensation While Providing Unparalleled Nighttime Viewing

  • Flush Mount Extention for Mounting In Extra Thick Dash Panels

  • Available with Transom or Thru-Hull Mount Airmar® Transducers

  • HawkEye® Transducer Exchange Program Adapts to Special Mounting Needs High Speed, Dual Mount Transducer (Transom/In-Hull)

  • ShootThru™ Sonar Technology Allows Readings Through Solid Fiberglass and up to 1/8th inch Aluminum Hulls

  • Removable Transom Transducer Bracket for Low-Profile In-Hull Mounting

Digital Depth Sounder Display
Transducer Assembly (Choice of Combination Transom/Glue-In or Plastic Thru-Hull), Display & Transducer Mounting Hardware, Thick Dash Display Adapter, Marine Grade Plug & Play Connectors, Color Installation & Operation Manual (Combination Transom/Glue-In Transducer Pictured).
Black & White Face Plates, Trim Rings

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Product Orientation Video

Get to know the HawkEye® DT1B Depth Finder

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Installing a Boat Mount Depth Finder

This Video Short, from the makers of HawkEye® depth finders, contains a brief video explanation of the proper way to install a boat mount depth finder.

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Gluing a Transducer Inside the Hull of a Boat

This Video Short, from the makers of HawkEye® fish finders and depth sounders, contains a brief video of how to Glue a Transducer Inside the Hull of a Boat.

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Transom Mounting a Transducer on a Boat

This Video Short, from the makers of HawkEye® fish finders and depth sounders, contains a brief video showing how to Transom Mount a Transducer on a Boat.

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Installing a Thru-Hull Transducer

This Video Short, from the makers of HawkEye® fish finders and depth sounders, demonstrates how to properly Install a Thru-Hull Transducer



  • Model Numbers DT1B-TM (Transom Mount/Glue In Transducer), DT1B-TH (Thru-Hull Transducer)
  • Display Window Size 1.65" W x .87" H
  • Display Type Polarized Liquid Crystal Icon
  • Backlighting Green LED SoftGlow™
  • Power Requirement 11-14 VDC, 200mA Max
  • Current Drain 40mA, Nominal
  • Units of Measure Feet (ft) or Meters (m)
  • Depth Range - Max 200 ft (60 m)
  • Depth Range - Min 2.5 ft (.7 m)
  • Depth Readout Increments .1 ft/m
  • Transducer Type Transom/Glue-In or Thru-Hull (*)
  • Transducer Cable Length 30 ft (9 m)
  • Transducer Frequency 200 kHz
  • Transducer Beam Angle 14 Degrees
  • Depth Alarms Lower (shallow), and Upper (deep)
  • Depth Alarm Range 2.5 ft to 200 ft (Full Range)
  • Alarm Signaling Audible "Beep", Flashing RED LED, Blinking LCD Icons
  • Warranty 2 Years
(*) Our exclusive transducer exchange program offers hassle free exchanging of standard transducers for specialized transducers to fit any application.