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Test Vessel Information

What type of vessel is the product installed or being used on?
What material is the vessels hull made of? *
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Please elaborate about the installation experience and offer suggestions for improvement:

General Product Experience

Overall, how satisfied are you today with the performance of the product? *
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 Not Very Satisfied 
 Somewhat Satisfied 
 Very Satisfied 
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How likely are you to recommend the product to someone you know? *
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 Very Likely 
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As a result of your overall experience with the product, how has your perception of the Brand changed, if at all? *
 Significantly Worsened 
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 Remainded the Same 
 Somewhat Improved 
 Significantly Improved 
Please elaborate on any General Product Experience that you rated negatively.

Product Insights

Thinking about your experience with your product, please tell us how your expectations have been met in the following areas:
Ease of Operation
 Fell Below Expectations 
 Met Expectations 
 Exceeds Expectations 
 Fell Below Expectations 
 Met Expectations 
 Exceeds Expectations 
Design & Workmanship
 Fell Below Expectations 
 Met Expectations 
 Exceeds Expectations 
Features & Functionality
 Fell Below Expectations 
 Met Expectations 
 Exceeds Expectations 
Please elaborate on any Product Insight that you rated below a 3.

You're almost done! Just 3 more quick questions.

Comparing the product to similar products available by other manufacturers, how much would you expect to pay for this product?
 Less than $10.00 
 $10.00 to $24.99 
 $25.00 to $49.99 
 $50.00 to $79.99 
 $80.00 to $99.99 
 $100.00 to $149..00 
 $150.00 to $199.99 
 Greater than $200.00 
What one feature that this product does not have that it MUST have?
What suggestions do you have that would improve any part of your experience with the Product?   Examples would include advertising, places to purchase, packaging, features, owners manuals, new products, etc.

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