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Sonic-Laser™ Fish Scale SP

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Product Description

The Sonic-Laser Scale SP is a multifunction ultrasonic fish measuring device that doubles as a digital fishing scale. Traditional fish measuring devices require the user to lay a fish on a measuring board or stretch out a conventional measuring device. Well documented research indicates that laying a fish on its side creates considerable damage to internal organs and removes the valuable bacteria fighting “slime”. The Sonic-Laser Scale SP will allow the user to pick the fish out of the water, weigh the fish with a corrosion free digital scale, and measure the length without forcing human interaction with its delicate body.

TO USE: Attach the stainless steel lip hook to the fish’s mouth. Hold the fish vertical with the tail slightly touching a solid object (ground, boat deck, water, etc). Weight and Length measurements are now at your finger tips.

INCLUDES:  Sonic-Laser Fishing Scale SP with Lip Hook and User's Guide.  Requires one 9V battery (not included).

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