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Generally we repair all units under warranty if the production date code is within 2 years of the current date. If the production date code is not within 2 years of the current date, then you must provide proof of purchase or have a warranty registration on file with us to be eligible for warranty coverage.

HAWKEYE®: Every product has a production date code sticker on the outside of the case or in the battery compartment. The date of production is represented by three or four numbers (IE: 325, 1310).

NORCHILL®: The date code is located on the cardboard hang tag that came with your cooler. It's next to the bar code (IE: 03/10).

iClear®: The date code is located on the cardboard header card that came with your dispenser. It's next to the bar code (IE 01/10).
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If you previously submitted the warranty registration to us, or purchased the product directly from us, please complete the information in this section.

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Only complete this section if the product was installed on a vessel.
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How did you mount the transducer
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Most warranty repairs are processed and shipped out within 1 business day of receipt. If you have an urgent need to have your product repaired quicker, we do offer a warranty pre-ship option.
 I will ship the product back to you, and wait for the replacement.  
 I will prepay for a replacement via Credit Card and you will ship a replacement immediately. Upon receipt I will have 30 days to return the defective merchandise to you. Upon receipt you will issue me a full credit for the prepaid replacement.  


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